Research & Development


We at XPLR COSMETICS, make a remarkable effort to formulation innovation, creating truly original products. This is the reason why our teams are in close contact with each other and with the suppliers of raw materials and packaging developers, who constantly update us with the latest technologies and the newest discoveries. We constantly update our knowledge: we show our customers the cosmetic innovations before they become trends.


XPLR COSMETICS’ experienced Research and Development team is able to realize custom formulated products according to customers’ needs and specifications. We try to realize Your precise requirements, and try to satisfy Your desires either modifying and adapting existing formulations or to realize totally new formulations.


Throughout the years, we have realized a vast assortment of systematically proven formulas, each of them proved effective. They are appreciated and valued for their quality and safety. If You have an idea, if You want us to test your existing packaging with a new texture or if You like to replace an old formula with a new one, check our stock formula inventory! Using this convenient alternative will allow You to save time, guaranteeing you the fastest way to have “a turnkey” product.