About XPLR

With more than 30 years of cosmetics manufacturing experience, we at XPLR offer high quality tailor made, advanced formulation. Our list of more than 400 unique, tested and proven products to choose from cater to all skin care needs ranging from mid-price range to and high-end cosmetics products. In a world of fast changes and innovations, XPLR COSMETICS stands tall in the front of private label manufacturing. With a Personal approach and pioneering solutions, we will help you build your unique brand. You are welcome to join the success.

Mission: We aim to provide our customers a company where You can find an excellent service as well as original cosmetic products, developed with an extraordinary passion. Our mission is to make XPLR COSMETICS the leading partner of all skincare brands, working side by side as a dynamic and flexible colleague, with the required flexibility to meet both small orders as much as the larger ones. In other words, we are not simply seeking to become the biggest company, but the best one to work with!